shopping - 14:22

Christmas wishlist 2013

Jako každý rok jsem si i letos vytvořila vánoční seznam přání, který, když se tak divám, trochu opakuje ten loňský .  Stále jsem nebyla s...

outfits - 18:57

Burgundy matching

Dnes s outfitem již ryze zimním, s šálou, rukavicemi a kloboukem, takové mám snad úplně nejradši. Ze začátku bych se ale chtěla omluvit za ...

outfits - 20:03

Greens goods

Until my feet are not freezing I'll wear my favourite pair of sneakers. After moving to the new apartement I got used to ride a bicycle...

outfits - 13:55

Early September

Hi back from Prague! Italy was georgeous but I love being back in Czech republic for the beginning of fall. When else could I wear a fur wi...

outfits - 21:15

Off to Tuscany

Im currently enjoying my summer vacation in Tuscany, Italy, mostly relaxing which I needed after all the difficulties I've had with mov...

lifestyle - 03:52

Stěhování a inspirace

Protože se za pár dní stěhuji, rozhodla jsem se dnes přispět článkem s fotkami, které mě poslední dobou inspirují. Stejně jako se mění můj ...

lifestyle - 20:48

Italy from Zenit

I still didn't have the chance to proceed with all the pics from my recent trip to Italy but today I got the pictures from my analog ca...

outfits - 20:24

Striped cutouts

Im not in a mood of outfitting these days.:) Im more enjoying the weather, eating out ,watching movies in open cinema, riding bicycle, host...

outfits - 18:53

Midi skirt

I have always loved the midi lenght on everybody who was slim enought to look good on them and just thought it is not for me. I have bought...

shopping - 17:04

New Prada in

The brand new piece from my travels to Vienna and Milano is this Prada wallet that I was thinking about after my wallet had been stolen few...

outfits - 18:09


I love this years trend of baroque print so I bought this lovely skirt which would make a perfect match with the bralet from my last outfi...

outfits - 17:46

Blue pattern

Outfit for Milan shopping was chosen to be comfortable at first, so flats (cannot imagine myself walking on those stones in stilletos),a ba...

fashion - 06:21

The perfect black bag

The shopping in Italy was not that easy as I planned, mostly because I scheduled shopping for Sunday when many stores are closed. Otherwise...

lifestyle - 21:04

Off to Italy

Just finished packing and leaving for a trip to Milan and Turin, Italy. Hope Ill have some time to blog as I have a few post prepared for y...

lifestyle - 01:20

Random news

Once again an update from my daily life, home and new-in. Got some new clothes, accessories and cosmetics, if you want to know more about a...

lifestyle - 06:11

Winter home

Winter is almost over so just a few pics I took within those days at home. Zima už pomalu končí a tady jen pár fotek co jsem za ty dny ...

outfits - 18:50

Monki coat

This coat would sure deserve a shopping post but I couldnt wait to wear it and removed the tag as soon as I got home to try it on. This las...

outfits - 23:45

Patterned b/w jumper

I didnt even know the black and white combination is going to be so on trend for this season when I was buying this jumper . I love this co...

shopping - 15:21

Shopping hit

You might like some of my favourite pieces recently new in my closet: Možná by se vám zalíbily některé mé oblíbené v poslední době nové p...



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