outfits - 17:21

Maxi hawaii

Let me introduce you my very favourite dress of the moment. Not just the summer print of bright colors makes them original, I also love the...

outfits - 18:30

Happy Birthday

Im celebrating my Birthday today! Party is about to start in a minute and this is my outfit of brand new magical Romwe dress and pair of ea...

outfits - 17:52

Turq dress

I love this dress for over an year now but I dont wear them very often because they are totaly see thru and Im out of options how to actual...

outfits - 8:39


I actually do wear colors a lot during the summer but accidentally I only have the time to take outfit mostly when I wear black. This dress...

outfits - 12:22

Vintage pattern

Im usually being sceptical about these very vintage patterns that are known mostly from the grandma's scarves. I decided to try a combi...

outfits - 20:04

Neon backpacker

I'm glad that you liked the backpack from Becca  as much as I did so I was happy to take it today as well. I am using it as a shopping ...

outfits - 21:04

Sandal boots

What is a better place where to take outfit pics by yourself than on your balcony? After a long photographic walk around the centre and get...

outfits - 15:00

Asymetric top

Once in the asymetric trend, though in my favourite black which I was like a magnet to the sun! I should get a master degree in an inapprop...



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