outfits - 18:12

Skate no board

Let's go on, there is an freestyle outfit from a walk with Katie that you might have already seen a piece on her photo in my Zenit post...

lifestyle - 16:45


The traditional flea market at Kolbenova, Prague kind of disapointed me last time. Much later I found out that the Sunday noon is not the b...

DIY - 15:22


I publish pics from my new Zenit camera quite often but I never fully introduced it to you.:) And I think I made it pretty fashionable to s...

lifestyle - 18:51

Běžecký článek

Jak jsem lehce přislíbila na facebooku a formspringu , přináším článek o běhání, mé nové každodenní aktivitě. Rozhodla jsem se pro rozčl...

outfits - 9:43

Sparkle elf

Today a simple balcony outfit, in a dress as Im always wearing when its too hot. Now the weather changed and its pretty old, reminding me...

shopping - 17:54

Various in

Although everything is on sale right now, I did not like anything especially during my afternoon shopping. It might be because I didnt ma...

lifestyle - 20:33

Moving news

Please just wait a little bit more for my posts as right now at our home it looks like this - an older pic from Zenit - and I cannot wait...

lifestyle - 5:52

10x random Blackberry

A lthough Im currently really busy, I decided not to give a damn about you but make a quick mobile post with ten random pics from my Blackb...

outfits - 20:35

White pants

I was thinking of white pants for a while and while  visiting my relatives I found one in my old flat. I remember wearing them like five ye...

outfits - 19:39

Floral suit

I couldnt think of anything better to this hot weather and garden relax than a floral jumpsuit. Very leasure but still good-looking. Shorts...

fashion - 0:37

Intimissimi, Tezenis, Calzedonia

Lately I was invited to check out the new collections of the brands Intimissimi, Tezenis and Calzedonia. They were all shown in one showr...

outfits - 7:57

Gold flower

My last outfit didnt even get a post, I just published a snap to my facebook page as I was so busy moving and arranging all the stuff wi...



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