lifestyle - 19:24


As promised some more Zenit pics that came out last time. Beside the holiday pics from Egypt there are also a few more from our new home ...

outfits - 20:32

Look on Zenit

Today an unsual outfit pics from Zenit camera. I went to a lab but still four last pics to the end of the film. I met Foly and took a pic...

lifestyle - 23:54


Předpokládám, že už jste někdy slyšeli o elektrokolech - bicyklech s motorem - tedy jde o něco jako motocykl v podobě jízdního kola. Já...

outfits - 20:39

Sahara tutu

Zase stíhám jen outfitovku, jedinou, která se neskládá jen z jednoho kousku - šatů. Vsadila jsem na dlouhou tylovou sukni, ve které bylo ...

outfits - 13:14

Hot stripes

My holiday outfits are actually more just like a dress preview. I only took one pair of sandals with me and with the lack of time I wasnt a...

outfits - 19:46

Mint tan

Today I have an outfit post for you! I was happy to take this mint dress with me because as I found out this color looks perfect on a tanne...

lifestyle - 20:08

Beach outfit

Although this look is more like for a festival to me, it is definitelly a summer one! I actually bought this top just a few hours before th...

lifestyle - 20:50

Hi from Africa

Hello from Egypt! Im having a pretty good time, in the middle of nowhere, far away from civilization except the hotel area, no internet or ...

lifestyle - 18:26

Zenit random

This is an automatically published post of some of my random Zenit pictures. They might be slightly better than the last time because with ...

outfits - 19:36

Clouds top

A really really quick outfit post from todays shopping of holiday stuff, last minute trip to Egypt included. We got like five hours to get ...

fashion - 19:17

Closet tour

When we moved to Prague an year ago I got a cloakroom to use as my closet and you craved for its pictures a lot. Now when we are on the way...

outfits - 20:41

Skater tulip

I love skater skirts! I could own a hundered of them but no pants instead, for sure. This one is by Primark which is not in the Czech repub...

outfits - 16:05

Pink metal

Beside shooting on my new analog camera I got some time for quick pics from my Canon because you certainly could not wait till they are out...

lifestyle - 20:37

Zenit-E first try

As I mentioned on my Facebook few days ago, I got a new camera Zenit-E with 29mm lens and today I got my first pics out. They are definitel...

outfits - 21:49

Floral pants

I recently liked the floral patterned pants but never thought it could be my thing. As usually seeing them more and more often made me beli...

giveaway - 7:49

$50 + dress giveaway winner

Just a quick post announcing the winner of my last giveaway . The winner of this random color dress and 50 dollars to spend on Romwe is....

lifestyle - 15:45

Flash party

I recently bought a new photo set of old Zenit including an extra flash. At home I found out that the flash works with my Canon as well so...



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