lifestyle - 20:57

Spiked shoulders

Im sorry for not publishing that often, I was just super busy during the weekned and didn't feel very well thanks to the weather chan...

outfits - 18:28

Tiger under

Last pics with the grown out hair taken still in Prague but now Im going to my hairdresser in Valašské Meziříčí. Im not sure about the ...

products - 1:39

Lee Stafford review

As promised after optimum two months I am reviewing the Lee Stafford Hair Growth products. The shampoo, contidioner and treatment were alre...

fashion - 23:41


I got so many freebies at Romwe so lately I enjoyed some shopping. I remember when they only sell used vintage stuff and I was kind of ...

outfits - 13:48


I've finally found a combo of clothes that I like to wear with my new cap . At first I though it will only complete a party or summer f...

giveaway - 1:22

Romwe $80 + collar giveaway winner

20th already passed so it was time to pick the winner of my latest giveaway . This time the lucky lady who gets $80 gift certificate to spe...

outfits - 22:06


Tonight just a quick post from my hometown where I went for a family birthday party. Pics are from the afternoon after a short nap in a car...

outfits - 21:38

Rain parka

Just a few quick photos from a rain break yesterday. Outfit is mostly comfortable and practice and this blue parka was a good buy - almost w...

products - 11:41

Ziaja mega recenze

Po přečtení recenze na krém na ruce u Lili , jsem se rozhodla od značky Ziaja také něco vyzkoušet. Vzhledem k tomu, že jejich obchůdek je v ...

giveaway - 18:34

Romwe collar + $80 giveaway

CLOSED /UKONČENO In a cooperation with  Romwe I'm opening another giveaway for you! There will be one winner of Romwe $80 gift certi...

outfits - 19:49

Trend on

Of course I must have worn the new leather vest as soon as possible. I liked to combine it this way but Im enjoying thinking of more combos...

outfits - 21:45


I have been searching for this skirt since it should be realeased but I was no luck. Than never won the auction on eBay, never seen it in st...

outfits - 21:55

Leisure town

Something from yesterday when we went for a trip to an opposite part of Prague than we live. Visited Museum of miniatures which was pretty i...

shopping - 20:45

New new in

As I mentioned on my facebook page few moments ago I do not expect you to believe me how much my new buy cost and where I got it. Haha but ...

nails - 21:53

Color changing nail polish

I enjoy trying new and interesting cosmetic so I have to had this color changing mood nail polish! I actually dont believe the color is chan...

giveaway - 15:22

Ax Paris giveaway winner

A little bit later but here we have the winner of Ax Paris giveaway! You should remember to always fill your email adress, really! Our winne...

outfits - 20:54

Bomber black

I just feel perfect in black right now. So it was a natural choice to mix my new black dress that I bought on eBay with the new bomber jacke...

outfits - 21:04

Lace back

I had a lace break from the summer I guess and with the spring coming I think it will be my favourite trend again. This top I got just a few...

lifestyle - 19:41

Lucerna party

A try to take outfit pics on a party is not always very successfull. Im still glad to have some pics, because I really had a lot of fun yest...

outfits - 20:24


Today I only have some quick pics from yesterday which Foly took. I overslept, forgot I got to be somewhere so my dressing and make-up took ...

shopping - 17:30

New in: bomber & stuff

After arranging some work stuff and meeting with Foly for a bubble tea in the center today I visited the biggest H&M store in Prague. I...

outfits - 13:07


Here I come with my latest outfit pics of course in my new pants that I got to love so much. I feel like I have been looking for a pair like...



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