shopping - 20:52

Yesterday's buys

As you wish, showing you my news in closet that I got yesterday. Most of it is from a thrfit store, but I also visited my favourite KappAhl ...

giveaway - 13:29


  CLOSED /UKONČENO In a cooperation with Ax Paris I would like to open a giveaway for you! The prize is one piece of clothes from www.axpar...

outfits - 21:24

Leo creepers

When I was wearing these shoes for the first time they got so uncomfortable and I got blisters that next 14 days I couldnt take the plasters...

outfits - 21:11

Denim babe

This is a self-shooted outfit post from like two weeks ago that I forgot to publish yet. I was wearing a denim sleevelest blouse which is my...

outfits - 21:29

On a boat

Yesterday I went for a river cruise with live music and all you can eat/drink offer. I was having fun and enjoyed this romantic evening on a...

shopping - 23:07

New from Italy

This post might be disappointing for you who expected a huge new in post because I actually bought just one thing. And that is this jacket. ...

outfits - 20:24

Look in Rimini

Last outfit from Italy is from the city centre where we went for shopping and lunch and to discover the city a little bit. It was funny like...

outfits - 21:29

Look in San Marino

A quick post of my outfit that I was wearing that day in San Marino.This skirt was was such a bad idea, so the sweater, it was windy but rea...

lifestyle - 22:17

San Marino

The next day of our stay in Italy we went for a trip to a close republic of San Marino. I have already been there but years ago and was supe...

lifestyle - 20:26

Rimini beach

Now Im posting some photos that we took just when we reached our final destination Miramare in Rimini. We accomodated in a lovely hotel we b...

giveaway - 2:24

Romwe white giveaway winner

I just went through all your comments under the Romwe giveaway and by the way found out that lots of you are about to have a Birthday soon....

outfits - 15:13

Look in Bolzano

Just a top and a hoodie seems to me like a very spring outfit. The problem was that in Bolzano there was a summer that day. I survived  and ...

lifestyle - 16:54


Sorry for not hearing from you for a while but Im enjoying my vacation so much that I dont feel to use the computer at all. Today I have jus...

outfits - 20:29

Look in Innsbruck

Hi back from Italy this time! We are staying in a seafront town and made another stop by the way but more about that later. Now Im posting t...

lifestyle - 19:50


As our first stop we chose the capital city of Tyrol - Innsbruck and we arranged a hotel just above the city with the most beautiful view. W...

lifestyle - 19:57


We just decided to take a trip around Europe as we got about 5 spare days. I would like to see Insbruck and San Marino but we will see.:) Go...

shopping - 21:25

Creapy shoes in

I told you there is just one more pair of shoes I desperatelly want right now. Finally got it. It took more than 2 months, I paid an incredi...

outfits - 22:09

Wine spring

Althoug with the spring coming Im falling for pastels, I dont think Ill leave the dark colors as quickly. This wine colored coat was a perfe...

outfits - 20:20

Leather collar

Finally got the leather collar I was talking about here that I would prefer it in that outfit. Todays outfit is pretty similar in brown ton...

outfits - 15:38


I think that some people will never be so tolerant to accept sweat pants for a casual wear but I do, just did to be exact. By buying these a...

giveaway - 15:39

Saloos winner look

A try of home pictured outfit but more important for you might be who won the Saloos giveaway! And that information you find when you click ...

outfits - 18:14

Collar button chain

Im not so excited about the pics, it was getting dark and I had not time to set the camera properly. But I am excited about the outfit worn ...

outfits - 17:15

Spring denim

Remember when I told you I had always been the first one wearing wearing the spring outfit at the end of winter? This is how I dressed today...

giveaway - 11:43

Romwe freebies GIVEAWAY

CLOSED / UKONČENO In a cooperation with I'm opening another giveaway for you! There will be just one winner of Romwe $...

outfits - 18:50

Hoody sneakers

These sneakers are like my first pair of shoes suitable for a really long walk, might up the hill and so.   I knew they would be a well worn...

shopping - 22:00

New from men's H&M

When Im searching the H&M store I dont forget about the mens section because mens size Small is my perfect oversized size. I have mostly...

outfits - 22:43

Hood crush

Still loving all the hoods and hoodies mostly in basic colors so I finally got this one by vj-style that I've been thinking about for ...

fashion - 21:14

Pietro Filipi 2012

Today I have been to an event of introducing new Spring/Summer 2012 collection by Pietro Filipi. I must say that although I am not th...



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