outfits - 17:40

See thru skirt

I found new places where to took pictures on my own in the centre of Prague! All the old houses have a countryard inside where is usually a ...

shopping - 23:05

Goodbye Jeffrey Campbell

This seems to be really funny but I almost cried when my JC Lita Spike were destroyed after 100metres walking. So Im returning them back and...

outfits - 18:05

Black hood

I like hoodies now so I bought a plain black and plain grey planning to wear it with a leather jacket just like that. I recently also got th...

giveaway - 22:08

Saloos giveaway vol 2

CLOSED - UKONČENO Remember my last Saloos giveaway ? It was more than an year ago so congrats if you do!:) Well Im here with another givea...

outfits - 19:41

Leopard coat w/ turban

I have wanted a leopard coat for ages! I got a crush at one at Tally Weijl, one at H&M, than thay somehow dissapeard from the stores and...

outfits - 21:18

Coffee blouse

You already saw this blouse twice but I was always wearing a sweater on it so you actually saw just the collar and sleeves maybe. I love the...

shopping - 19:24

New in accessories

A small new-in post with my latest accessory buys. I made an order on Asos, visited Lindex and H&M store and was shopping at Cililink . ...

outfits - 13:28

První pokus

Tady první pokus o samofocený outfit. S objektivem 50mm to není taková sranda, jak jsem myslela. Dosahová vzdálenost samospouště je asi 3 me...

shopping - 15:15

Welcome home, Jeffrey Campbell

Thank you for every single opinion here about these heels but I mostly considered mine and in spite of everything, these are the most beauti...

lifestyle - 18:02

Remote control

Finally can take my outfits myself! Expect to see them more often!:) Konečně si můžu fotit outfity sama! Čekejte je teď častěji!:) Romwe ...

fashion - 18:11

Spring wishlist

Spring is slowly coming and I'm thinking what do I need for it. Below there are pieces that I'm going to get and wear especially dur...

outfits - 19:58


Outfit from my day off when we have been feeding the swans by the freezing Vltava river. Well they were certainly not freezing, I was. And I...

outfits - 18:38

Chunky pants

And here you can see one of the pants from the new-in post on. I feel like there is nothing more comfortable so expect to see them more ofte...

shopping - 19:07

Loves new in

current obssesion => loose fit - easy to combine colors - comfort momentální posedlost => volný střih - jednoduše kombinovatelné bar...

outfits - 21:39


Im loving my new shoes! The fact that they were not more expensive than my usual breakfast makes them even more fabulous. The fact that they...

products - 20:12

New in hair cosmetic

Have you heardt of Lee Stafford hair cosmetics? One of their miracle product is the hair growth line. It should help hair grow faster and...

giveaway - 0:25

Valentine's giveaway winner

Wondering who won my last giveaway ? The winners are.... Hádáte, kdo vyhrál poslední giveaway ? Výhercem se stává....

outfits - 21:56

Pu gold

I finally got the pictures taken on Sunday. Thanks god there is a CD rom at my work PC, my small laptop doesnt support that and my bf took h...

outfits - 14:16

Pink mafio

I have never worn my camera in the weird nylon bag that I had bought it with. My poor camera has always shared place in my bag with the wall...

shopping - 20:47

New black shoes

Lately I feel like I dont want to wear other shoes than black! These are my news in for lets say last month but three of them are just a wee...

lifestyle - 21:12

Vintage ball

Just a few pics from a ball I attended on Saturday. I was wearing a vintage dress at least 50 years old and how lovely it was! It is a dream...

outfits - 21:17

Velvet w/ leather

I almost forgot about this bag which has been my favourite for a long time! I took it with me for a weekend trip so expect other outfits wit...

outfits - 16:40

Wool pants

I am not sure if I mentioned how amazing these pants are when I got them but if I didnt (or actually even if I did) Im telling you now (migh...

lifestyle - 13:53

New Joll

clean skin - new haircut - new color - new eyebrows vyčištěná pleť - nový sestřih - nová barva - nové obočí

fashion - 14:57

Neon nails

I felt in love with neon color nails but didnt have any hope to really find this nail polish in local stores. But what happened when I had a...

outfits - 19:00

Winter leggings

Ive had these leggings for more an year but never worn them as they are too short and not even a good quality to worm enough. I remembered t...



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