outfits - 18:32

Creepers burg

From my brand new things I sure took the creepers out first. The weather in Prague let me forget about boots and heavy coats for a while an...

shopping - 17:46

Christmas new in

Not all of the new stuff I recently got were actually Christmas presents so I prefer to name this post "new in" or "shopping...

DIY - 22:57

DIY: ripped tights

Calzedonia and their actual collection is full of rock and roll details and these lycra leggings are perfect to cut out just as you wish! Y...

fashion - 4:20

Christmas wishlist 2012

As I decided not to celebrate this Christmas at all, this wishlist is more just a list of stuff I would like to buy for myself. And I am st...

giveaway - 21:08

Vyhlášení Kenvelo soutěže

V prvé řadě chci poděkovat všem za účast, ohlasy byly rozsáhlé a moc nás potěšily! Takže já dnes také potěším jednoho z vás a tím je vyloso...

outfits - 19:48


I think Im going to love oversized scarves this season. I just got this one from Gate store for like $5 but it is still not the size I want...

outfits - 21:22

Neon sweater

Finally you can see the necklace I made some time ago and published the DIY post about. I have been wearing it pretty often and this is on...

giveaway - 11:59


UKONČENO Ve spolupráci s CZOF a značkou Kevelo, od které jsem Vám v posledním outfitu představila svůj nejnovější kardigan, přináším sout...

shopping - 13:20


Znáte hrníčky KeepCup ? Mě tyhle designové nádobky na kávu okouzlily natolik, že jsem si pořídila hned dva. Jeden tedy byl hned vhodným dár...

outfits - 19:39

Purple knitting

I have always loved purple color although I was awere I dont look very well in it. I got this purple cardigan from Kenvelo thanks to czecho...

lifestyle - 7:36

Kam na dárky? vol. 1

Čas Vánoc a s nimi obdarovávání nejbližších se nezadržitelně blíží, a proto jsem se rozhodla připravit článek s tipy, kam se za dárečky v...

DIY - 20:53

DIY: eBay necklace remake

You might noticed that this type of chain necklace has been a huge trend recently! I found a great alternative for those who dont like to s...

outfits - 14:51

Double collar

The coat from the last shopping post is definitelly my favourite for this season. Taking the fact that I bought it online it fits perfectl...

shopping - 23:44

New stuff

Once again a post with recently bought stuff that you will see in outfit posts hopefully soon. And I am sorry for not being that active the...

giveaway - 1:19

Ziaja giveaway vyhlášení

Z krásného počtu zúčastněných Ziaja Giveaway přišel čas vybrat jednoho šťastlivce/šťastlivkyni, který/á vyhrává po třech Ziaja produktech ...

outfits - 15:18

Military coat

When I first saw this coat in store, I knew it must be mine! Anyway I tried it on and off like a hundred times, couldnt decided about the s...

giveaway - 8:48

Ziaja giveaway

UKONČENO Po delší době tady mám jednu giveaway ve spolupráci se značkou Ziaja! Výhercem 3 produktů Ziaja dle vlastního výběru bude náhodn...

outfits - 20:02

Wedge sneakers

I have to love the trend of wedge sneakers! This is exactly the type of boots I have been thinking  years ago. Something absolutelly comfor...

products - 21:19

BB cream

Minule jsem vám představila, jaké produkty používám k čištění pleti, tentokrát bych pro vás měla novou stálici v mé dekorativní kosmetice a...

outfits - 20:23

Block coat

My previous shopping post made me realize that I actually do have something to wear!:) The brand new trench coat with leather sleeves was ...

shopping - 16:15

Newest in

There was no shopping post for a long time! I thought it was not really woth it as I had not been shopping that much recently. Still I foun...

products - 19:54

Morning routine

Čas od času se mne ptáte na produkty, které používám k čištění pleti, ale k článku jsem se nikdy moc neměla, protože vlastně nebylo nikdy n...

fashion - 17:21

Fall wishlist

I finally sorted out somehow what I need /want to buy this season and Im not keep it just a wishlist, my plan is to buy it all! That is why...

outfits - 20:38

Back to school

Back to school - haha I wish! Outfit would be suitable, indeed, that is why I chose this title; but there is no chance Im going back to sch...

fashion - 0:21

Lindex Missoni

Today the Lindex Missoni collection is released to the stores. Are you going to take a look for yourselves? I have already seen the pieces ...

lifestyle - 18:26

Home details

As promised before, here are some pictures from my new home where I recently moved. I furnitured and decorated all by myself so I can final...

products - 15:24


Samoopalovací krém jsem zkusila všehovšudy dvakrát v životě a nedopadlo to vůbec slavně. Vzpomínka na šmouhy po celém těle a přehnaně mrkvo...

outfits - 8:59

Cut-out dress

Perhaps the last summer outfit you see this season. From now I expect only the dark and cold days which Im actually looking forward to. Pic...

lifestyle - 15:15

Zenit summer

A cozy summer outfit from one walking day in August. These shorts have become my favourite despite they are three sizes bigger. And I actua...

giveaway - 4:39

Back 2 school Romwe giveaway

Romwe is holding a giveaway on their facebook page here . Get a chance to win a schoolbag & over $200 secret stuff from Romwe, one win...

outfits - 21:02

Summer beanie

Pokud zrovna máte bad-hair day a nevadí vám někdy být za blázny, klidně si v srpnu vyjděte v pletené zimní čepici, rozhodně doporučuju! Já ...

outfits - 9:11

Surf pop

This oldschool sweatshirt was a love at first sight! Ombre trend color, surf pop print, perfect loose fit and cozy fabric made it my favour...

lifestyle - 22:11

Random August

After a longer time I got a film from my analog Zenit camera so here is a random choice of pics that have been taken during August. I found...

outfits - 20:20

Bf jeans

I like the boyfriend jeans trend a lot although Im stil trying to figure out if they look good on me. I have always been more the skirt typ...

outfits - 17:21

Maxi hawaii

Let me introduce you my very favourite dress of the moment. Not just the summer print of bright colors makes them original, I also love the...

outfits - 18:30

Happy Birthday

Im celebrating my Birthday today! Party is about to start in a minute and this is my outfit of brand new magical Romwe dress and pair of ea...

outfits - 17:52

Turq dress

I love this dress for over an year now but I dont wear them very often because they are totaly see thru and Im out of options how to actual...

outfits - 8:39


I actually do wear colors a lot during the summer but accidentally I only have the time to take outfit mostly when I wear black. This dress...

outfits - 12:22

Vintage pattern

Im usually being sceptical about these very vintage patterns that are known mostly from the grandma's scarves. I decided to try a combi...

outfits - 20:04

Neon backpacker

I'm glad that you liked the backpack from Becca  as much as I did so I was happy to take it today as well. I am using it as a shopping ...

outfits - 21:04

Sandal boots

What is a better place where to take outfit pics by yourself than on your balcony? After a long photographic walk around the centre and get...

outfits - 15:00

Asymetric top

Once in the asymetric trend, though in my favourite black which I was like a magnet to the sun! I should get a master degree in an inapprop...

outfits - 18:12

Skate no board

Let's go on, there is an freestyle outfit from a walk with Katie that you might have already seen a piece on her photo in my Zenit post...

lifestyle - 16:45


The traditional flea market at Kolbenova, Prague kind of disapointed me last time. Much later I found out that the Sunday noon is not the b...

DIY - 15:22


I publish pics from my new Zenit camera quite often but I never fully introduced it to you.:) And I think I made it pretty fashionable to s...

lifestyle - 18:51

Běžecký článek

Jak jsem lehce přislíbila na facebooku a formspringu , přináším článek o běhání, mé nové každodenní aktivitě. Rozhodla jsem se pro rozčl...

outfits - 9:43

Sparkle elf

Today a simple balcony outfit, in a dress as Im always wearing when its too hot. Now the weather changed and its pretty old, reminding me...

shopping - 17:54

Various in

Although everything is on sale right now, I did not like anything especially during my afternoon shopping. It might be because I didnt ma...



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