outfits - 20:45

Gray, black, tabby

Pics from today, wearing my favourite cat hat, making laugh when some little boys though I was Batma...

lifestyle - 23:48

Opera out

Me and my bf just got back from The Romantic Concert by Candel Light I got 2 free tickets for. And i...

outfits - 17:52

Loose cloth

I love to wear comfy clothes in a cold weather. To feel comfortable, possibly with a thermo cup full...

giveaway - 12:38

Romwe giveaway

CLOSED - UKONČENO In a cooperation with www.romwe.com I open a giveaway for you! There will be 2 winners of Romwe $80 gift certificate e...

nails - 21:34

Nude orange nails

When I saw this lovely light maracuja orange nude nail polish I knew I must have it! And do you know...

fashion - 14:48

Mike Zachevar & Kateřina Průšová photoshooting

On Sunday I had the opportunity to take part of a professional photoshooting of Mike Zachevar's ...

outfits - 19:58

Simple burgundy

As my mom is currently in a spa near by Prague, she visited me for an afternoon to bring me my passp...

shopping - 19:33

The buys & thrifting

And here are the buys from Harfa mall plus some thrifted stuff for like $2 each that I bought today!...

outfits - 23:41

Shopping spree

Joll has been shopping a bit and bought a dream pair of burgundy pants thanks to tip from Ejvi ! She...

shopping - 19:55

New darlings

My new replacement shoes just arrived! And they are better and higher and also less comfortable (jus...

outfits - 15:28

Goodbye shoes

That was from a walk to surrounding area where I found there was a huge thrift store. But it was Fri...

lifestyle - 17:05

B!B! party

Pics from Saturday Bounce!Bounce! party that I enjoyed a lot! A friend of mine got a blow from another girl just because she got in her way ...

outfits - 17:32


It's getting pretty cold and I'm out of all the warm clothes in Prague! All the coats and sw...

giveaway - 15:41

VJ-STYLE Giveaway

CLOSED - UKONČENO In a cooperation with www.vj-style.com  there is a giveaway for all of you who like vj-style facebook page ! All you n...

outfits - 21:44

First fur

Yesterday I dyed my hair for the first time alone at home. Actually my boyfriend did. First it turne...

lifestyle - 22:17

Mic karaoke party

This karaoke party was pretty stylish talking about myself.:D As I dressed up really properly! Top and also a bottom (shhh!) full of microph...

lifestyle - 17:03


Thank you everyone who voted in the poll from the last post! I decided to keep the black shoes and t...

shopping - 13:27

New in packages HELP

I just received a few packages with some new stuff to show you. I must say a huge THANK YOU to the w...

outfits - 18:24

Scalloped cascade

I've wanted these shorts for such a long time but by the time I got them, I didn't wear them...

products - 21:12

Nákup z www.vonavyobchod.cz

Tentokrát bych ráda představila e-shop www.vonavyobchod.cz , ze kterého mi nedávno přišel balíček s ...



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