giveaway - 11:38

New Year's Romwe GIVEAWAY

CLOSED - UKONČENO In a cooperation with I'm opening another giveaway for you! There will be 3 winners of three pairs of...

outfits - 16:40

Rust tusk

Today is my last day at my hometown with my family doing nothing just eating and going thru my favourite thrift stores, haha. Believe me or ...

outfits - 19:18

Watch my wrist

I have never worn a wrist watch but I always wanted one. The problem always was that I didnt like any. But this Christmas I consider a watch...

outfits - 20:01

Good boy

There is just one thing to think about at this men's style outfit - if it looks better with or without the glasses.:) My boyfriend doesn...

products - 17:59

Ryor Aknestop roll-on recenze

Ráda bych se s vámi podělila o zkušenost s dalším - podle mne zázračným a nepostradatelným - produktem a tím je tahle tyčinka na akné od čes...

lifestyle - 14:30

Christmas random

I wasnt really in a Christmas mood this year but I liked to take some home Christmas pics that Im going to show you. Would you also like to ...

outfits - 22:43

Blue lace

It's pretty weird to dress like this in the middle of December but still I'd rather wear what I'm comfortable in than what is su...

outfits - 21:40

Burgundy coat

This coat was a buy! Not very warm, more like a trenchcoat but thanks to the color and price it was just irresistible! Wavy hair because of ...

outfits - 18:21

Shredded jumper

Im in my hometown for a weekend and couldnt forget to visit my favourite thrift stores. Mostly I bought hats. This one is one of them, brand...

outfits - 22:05

December sunnies

I always like to wear sunglasses in a coat during the winter and snowy weather. Today it wasnt snowy (or was it at your place?) but the brig...

outfits - 21:46


Thank you for all the opinions to the last post about the coat. I am still in a process of thinking... When I was ordering this coat (or doe...

fashion - 16:51

Boyfriend coat YES or NO

I got to like boyfriend style coats especially this one by Topshop. Ive seen it in the store and it looks even better! Im in love with the l...

outfits - 11:54

Maloja scarf

The hat from this shopping post again , I cut the stamp off, looks better to me now! The fox tail is by C&A, I bought it in sales for l...

fashion - 20:14

Christmas wishlist

I decided to share with you my Christmas wishlist. Some are just a dream pieces but I might expect a few of them to actually find under the ...

outfits - 21:14


Traditionally I go to Vienna before Christmas but this time, with moving to Prague, Dresden was closer so we went for a trip there. The city...

products - 20:31 mascara review

I would like to make a review for another item from the e-shop  - a mascara set. I own a nail polish from there and it ...

shopping - 21:42

4 new loves

I so wanted to post something tonight, took my camera and my computer with me to work and was going to finish a review post or outfit post, ...

outfits - 14:46

Red fedora

The red hat I bought on Friday accidentally matched one of the few pieces of clothes that I packed with me for the weekend - application on ...



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