lifestyle - 21:33


After an year I got the pics from shooting with a talented photographer. These are probably just some previews but I find them interesting t...

outfits - 17:04

Field love

Doggie games on the field, also a barbecue, nuts, lying in the garden between badmington sets... this weekend was awesome! Didnt even have t...

outfits - 17:14

Hello wool

I know I will love wool stuff this season! If it is on trend or not, I don't care but this jumper (could be seen in my last shopping pos...

outfits - 17:48

Leopard shelter

Something more from my stay at family in a vintage leopard dress which looks so much better with a belt. Wearing it here for the second time...

shopping - 17:54

Thrifted treasures

What I bought yesterday in my favourite thrift stores of my hometown: Co jsem koupila včera ve svých oblíbených sekáčích mého rodného měste...

outfits - 18:23


Currently staying in my hometown, just got back from my favourite shops here! Got some new nail polishes and clothing, mostly fall stuff tha...

outfits - 22:05

Leasure leo

Today I chose a comfy clothes as I was shopping and walking a lot. These leopard wedges are almost the comfiest boots! I add my favourite je...

outfits - 19:33

Skulls band

Yesterday the real autumn began here. I 'm not very happy about that but this is how it goes. There was nothing to do so we went to look...

outfits - 18:08


Yesterday spent in the King's garden where they were selling stum and wine and other yummy stuff! Also a relaxing time in other park, pi...

outfits - 1:05

Nudes love

I love to combine various tones of nude! Today I chose these pieces just for a walk to the centre and to our favourite park. That was just a...

outfits - 18:08

Nude brown

I was planning to wear this dress to some classy event like a ball with heels and clutch but I chose it for today as I had two cooperation m...

outfits - 20:14


The skirt I am wearing here looks normally like that  (actually the petticoat used to be to the floor but it was DIY cut, haha), but I thoug...

outfits - 19:29


I have noticed this harness trend lately and loved that! Unfortunatelly just couldnt find any that I liked and cheap either. These are not m...

recipes - 11:36

Kukuřičná polévka

Yesterday me and Foly tried to prepare a traditional american corn soup and surprisingly we succeed. That much that this soup just became my...

lifestyle - 21:18

Scan party

Me and my friend got to party pretty late, after 3 a.m. actually so by the time we reached the centre, all our favourite bars were closing.:...

giveaway - 23:35

Další šťastný výherce

Tentokrát se losoval výherce o šaty z , soutěž si můžete připomenout zde . Losovalo se opět náhodně a se zveřejněním toho...

lifestyle - 20:58

Pink day

Something more from my hometown visit. I have been for some fall stuff that I'm starting to miss in Prague, also shopping and thrifting ...

outfits - 21:39

Electric blue gauze skirt

Pics from todays afternoon in the city, beautiful walk, the best lime soda in my favourite café, great pickled cheese by the park and lovely...

lifestyle - 20:34

Galaxy party

This time I took out the new galaxy skirt that you liked at the shopping post .:) The occasion was a b-day party of my lovely friend. We wer...

outfits - 16:23

Oxford girl

For a jump at my hometown for some stuff, visit my mum, arrange some things.. Also a bit of shopping (thrifting) so when I'll have every...

outfits - 15:57

Red silk cardi

From the last shopping post I'll show you as first the red chiffon cardigan or how how would you name that? This was actually taken befo...



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