shopping - 14:50

Time of haul

As I haven't been shopping lately, no time, no money, you cannot expect a lot, but check out some of my new stuff I got recently anyway....

outfits - 22:40


Today's afternoon walking around the centre, trying to catch some stylish people to my street style, but I wasnt very lucky. I actually ...

fashion - 11:34

Podpořte CILILINK shop

Moje kamarádka Lucie založila facebookovou stránku na prodej svých věcí, kterých už se chce zbavit. Vzhledem k tomu, že nabízí vážně unikát...

fashion - 15:05

Prague street style

First few pics of people I caught in Prague's streets. You wouldnt believe how hard it was to find someone well dressed. I liked those, ...

shopping - 17:16

new dress in

Last time it was wedges, now I'm ethusiastic about my new dress. These are from and it took me like eternity to make t...

fashion - 13:06

Tally Weijl fall 2011 wishlist

As Mary inspired me to think about my fall dream pieces I decided to make some sort of wishlist. It could be way too long so now I only cho...

lifestyle - 22:38


...sneak peek bonus pic already on my facebook so here we go... Today been to the huge thrift store on the outskirts of Prague. I was so l...

outfits - 15:43

Lost post

Totally forgot to post this one! It is from my first week in Prague so the early July, probably from one of the trips to Ikea.:) I have plen...

giveaway - 9:21

Soutěž o šaty z

-UKONČENO- Jak jsem slíbila, představuji další jednoduchou soutěž pro mé čtenáře z ČR nebo SR. Výhru tentokrát věnuje ...

lifestyle - 21:11

Birthday party

Yesterday evening my friend who is celebrating her birthday on the same day as I do came by with her hubby to our place so the four of us we...

giveaway - 0:11

Výherce soutěže o kraťásky z

Protože pánové z si momentálně užívají festivalu Hip Hop Kemp, tedy máme spoustu času, než se vrátí, poprosila bych tentokrá...

lifestyle - 16:15

new babies in

New babies in my shoe cabined just arrived delayed from , they had to reorder them for me, I had to wait, but it was worth it!...

lifestyle - 20:56

August random

Just a few lost pics from this month...:) Jen pár zapomenutých fotek z tohodle měsíce..:) Nějaké tipy kam zajít v sobotu večer s přáteli? C...

lifestyle - 22:21


Today in the centre with a friend for some food, drinks, shops.. such a great afternoon! Some quick shots of me and my outfit here. I mostly...

lifestyle - 18:05

Dívčí hrady

Just some pics from the day out when we went for a trip to "Dívčí hrady" (means Girl's castles in English:) which is very clos...

outfits - 15:13

Fifi look

Yesterday I was about to use my H&M gift card which I'm holding for a while. I went to Galerie Harfa where last time I bought my abs...

lifestyle - 11:17

Anchor donna @ Farmářské trhy

On Saturday (the real Saturday) we visited the Farmers' markets. The weather was beautiful, we bought pieces of cakes for a breakfast an...

outfits - 21:38

Cakebreak @ Meet Factory

These pics were actually taken in the morning when me and my bf were looking for the Farmer's markets as we were thinking it is Saturday...

lifestyle - 18:15

Fringes everywhere

Yesterday was pretty cold in the end so I wore an outfit I prepared in an advance for some day in the autumn. Unfortunatelly I didnt feel ve...

products - 15:27

Yummy miluje Brit

Mediální agentura, se kterou spolupracuji mi nabídla, respektive mému pejskovi, zdarma vyzkoušet jejich produkty krmiva pro psy. Já byla jed...

outfits - 22:15

Furry sandals

I received these sandals from pretty long time ago but there wasnt a good weather to wear them. They actually have fur arou...

lifestyle - 13:55

Kolaudační party

On Friday there was finally a housewarming party at our place! From people you might now I invited the bloggers Sindy and Maja ! The rest o...

lifestyle - 8:05

Swans feeding

We had plenty of pastry left and what is better to do with that than give it to the lovely swans by the river? We really gave them a full ba...

lifestyle - 16:36


When finally a nice weather we went to "Polévkárna" which means a soup place - immediatelly became my favourite! I have heart a lo...

giveaway - 17:21

Soutěž o kraťásky z

-UKONČENO- Ve spolupráci s e-shopem nabízím jedny z těchto dvou šortek vylosovanému jedinci úplně zdarma . Pokud máte byd...

outfits - 17:43

Fall trench

     Something from this horrible weather.. Is this supposed to be summer? I was wearing my trench I usually take someday in fall or s...

lifestyle - 18:21

Sapa market

Nga brought the best rolls to the Fashion picnic and she also adviced me where to buy all the ingredients! Sapa market in Prague! It is th...

outfits - 20:51

Hard Rock Café

On Friday I went to Hard Rock Café to see the concert of a great band - Niceland, but I missed that.:D I met a friend there who said it was ...



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