fashion - 23:01


On Thursday I had a blog cooperation meeting with a lovely young lady and than we went to   Code:Mode  although I planned to go there today....

shopping - 11:18

Shopping at

Another store I ordered from and want to share my experience is . I have placed my order on the 14th of July and the p...

lifestyle - 18:45

Travel time

A few pics from the journey back to Prague. I took a huge amount of summer stuff with me again so I finally feel that I'm fully equipped...

shopping - 22:28

Nákup z

Když mě oslovili z s nabídkou zboží dle mého výběru zdarma, neváhala jsem! Nějaký kvalitní šperk mi ve šperkovnici chybí...

outfits - 21:55

Donor centre

My bf decided to give blood permanetly so I went with him to register to the donor centre in Chodov. I would love to do the same, that is a ...

outfits - 20:17


Im currently in my hometown just for a day or two to arrange things, visit my mom, a bit of thrifting:D and to get the best "svíčková&q...

giveaway - 17:57


from all nearly 400 entries I only have to congratulation to one randomly chosen winner who this time is: ze všech téměř 400 zúčastněných m...

lifestyle - 21:05

Retro music hall

I'm starting to explore Prague clubs! On Friday we went to Carculcah  which was completely full so we headed to Retro music hall where m...

outfits - 23:33

Vary vintage

Pics from today's walk around the centre. We went to the vintage market by the river but didn't find anything that interesting.. may...

products - 21:38

Lush free haul

I have won a contest at (maybe known from facebook ), when I answered as one of the first 5 people the question "Where...

recipes - 19:06

Joll's noodles

I usually answer that my favourite snack or light meal are noodles! Let me show you my most common way how I prepare them - completely veggi...

outfits - 21:34

Starbucks gift

As my boyfriend accidentaly put my favourite cup for an ice coffe into a dishwasher and of course it couldnt survive, I took it out quite de...

lifestyle - 14:37

Fashion picnic

 On Monday Foly and I headed to Fashion Picnic to Vojanovy sady right after an ice coffe at my place. We found Vojanovy sady pretty easily ...

lifestyle - 21:19

Random home pics

Just a few home pics.. as you wanted them so bad;D Jen pár domácích fotek.. když jste je teda tak moc chtěli;D

lifestyle - 12:50

Popelka meet-up

Lately I was out with  Tereza Popelka who asked me out for a drink via Formspring few months ago after I move to Prague.:D Well I already ...

fashion - 10:47

Hair photo test

A few days ago I model for a test shooting of hair styles to a new fashion collection of Prague hair salon Joshua. That was so fun! Here jus...

recipes - 19:06


Jelikož se jedná snad o první sladkou věc, co jsem takhle sama pekla, nemůžu se nepochlubit!:D Zase se nejedná tak zrovna o recept, ten najd...

fashion - 11:51

Romwe wishlist

As the shoes I ordered from a month ago are not avaliable anymore I got my budget back to order somethng else. I have like $50 to...

nails - 11:57

Summer pink nails

To me this is a typical summer color! They look a bit different - very brighter on the sun, so if you think it is more fuchsia, nope it is m...

shopping - 16:55

Today's new stuff

Today a package from arrived! I got: Dnes dorazil balíček od ! Přišlo mi: nude dress

lifestyle - 21:07

Wine karaoke party

I only have pictures taken before the karaoke party but we went there after that (after one bottle of wine, actually haha) so why not to nam...

lifestyle - 19:23

White sheer garb

I felt in love in this piece of cloth so much that I bought all the two pieces I thrifted!:D Well why not, they wasnt very expensive, really...

giveaway - 13:13

Inlovewithfashion GIVEAWAY

-CLOSED- -UKONČENO- Remember the website  who offered me any dress from their site for free? I wrote about it here ...

outfits - 19:12

Into mint

I'm loving the mint color now! Maybe because of my new dress from another post , maybe because of this new satchel , the nails  or maybe...

shopping - 21:15

vj-style and other haul

What just arrived from ? Co právě dorazilo z ? mint transparent satchel mentolová poloprůhledná brašna

lifestyle - 16:27

Katie meet-up

Yesterday I was out with Katie who is originally from a town near by my hometown. This was out first meet-up in Prague. We got a frappe and...

shopping - 21:01

Shopping at

Just received a package from ! They offered me to pick any dress from their site I liked. I found a lot of I loved...

lifestyle - 21:30


Im slowly finding out that heels are not the right thing for Prague city centre. Wedges are much better! Pics are from yesterday taken near...

nails - 16:49 nail polish review

This nail polish from has become my best one just after the first use! I wouldn't write this review unless I wa...

outfits - 15:42

Joll on business

How to look like when there are some work stuff to do?.. And thanks to e-shop for this lovely blouse! Jak vypadat, když...

recipes - 20:33

Marks & Spencer carbonara penne

After a long time I am here with a really simple recipe. Well it is not even a tutorial just pics of how to prepare a tasty and the easiest ...

outfits - 18:52

Bless the USA

Yesterday I got wet, it almost blew me away and I slipped while trying to catch my tram in rain. But I also met Pavlina , we went for a vani...

lifestyle - 18:51

New home

Just some pic of our home I took when I was bored.. Jen pár fotek z domu co jsem fotila, když jsem se nudila..

outfits - 23:09

Dotted culotte

I'm falling for these wide pants lately, they are so comfy so I can wear them just for a dog walk like today or thake out and still look...

lifestyle - 23:42

Outing IKEA

We are back from IKEA with plenty new stuff, mostly just accessories to make our home more cozy. I can say Im loving our new apartment, afte...

lifestyle - 16:39

Busy day

Yesterday was pretty rough. We moved to Prague with a lot of stuff which was just the most important ones not everything as you guessed.:D A...



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