lifestyle - 15:50

Prague from now

Sorry to fail you these days but I was really extremely busy! I am currently in a train to Prague where we are living from today! I cannot w...

fashion - 23:22


Na blog teď bohužel není vůbec čas, musím se balit a dál věnovat stěhování.. na co jsem si ale čas musela udělat, je můj e-shop , protože to...

lifestyle - 20:51

Garden picnic

We've been planning this picnic for a long time but we still didn't have time or the weather wasn't so good or we couldn't f...

lifestyle - 19:00

K. b-day party

A friend of mine was celebrating her b-day with a bunch of friends.We've been drinking at her place and than moved to dance club for a w...

lifestyle - 17:43

DJ Antoine party

One of my dream from my looong dream list has just come true! I attended DJ Antoine party and it was awesome!<3 I remember like 2 years a...

lifestyle - 16:40

Day in pictures

I am not in a mood and have no time for talking today so just a few pics for you and I'm going back to prepare myself for tonight's ...

outfits - 18:55

Jelly Joll

Featuring my absolutelly favourite jelly shoes! I've got these at longest from my 3 pairs of jelly shoes (like 8 years or so) but you ca...

giveaway - 15:57

Výherce poukázky k nákupu na

Náhodný výběr přes určil výherce poukázky v hodnotě 500 Kč k nákupu na a tím se stává soutěžící   Mischel , kter...

lifestyle - 23:47


As these who wanted the Santorini post were Czech mostly, I decided to make it in czech only. Translating is my work actually and I have a l...

lifestyle - 18:35

BF maturita

I didn't sleep well, I mean not that long I'd like!:D Waking up early again and going to my bf's graduation ceremonial. Well, th...

lifestyle - 22:12

Joll is moving to Prague

Awww it is finally for sure! We are moving to Prague on the 1st of July! We've been there today just for a minute to sign a contract and...

lifestyle - 22:48

Today's stuff

Today a meal from my mom, trying the Love Lettuce face mask by Lush which I got as a sample, cuddling with my doggie, "tatarák" me...

lifestyle - 18:53

At home

Back at home in VM city. My bf's dad said that there is just a downhill square and that's all.:D That might be true, I'm kinda b...

shopping - 13:00

Shopping at

A few of czech readers asked me about , how to order and so on and I even ordered for two of them. Everything was always perfec...

lifestyle - 19:52

Prague day 4

Nothing much was going on the last day in Prague. Sleeping almost till the lunchtime, visiting my friend's atelier, meeting an old frien...

lifestyle - 23:30

Prague day 3 2/2 Tally Weijl shopping w/ Lucy

The rest of the third day: after second Tally Weijl shopping with Lucy (see about the first cooperation here ), we got a drink at Coffee H...

lifestyle - 23:29

Prague day 3 1/2

Aww this day was soo busy! I hate waking up in the morning so first went straight to Starbucks for a wake-up coffee called "ice-cold ca...

lifestyle - 21:23

Prague day 2

As there was a strike planned on Monday I rescheduled all the duties to Tuesday. So I was totally free on Monday. But the strike was cancell...

lifestyle - 11:07

Prague day 1

F Finally here! Just for a few days to arrange things and for god since the end of this month or so. Sooo excited! We went by bus as that is...

lifestyle - 21:01

Meziříčská muzejní noc

I missed the other day of Grill party because of The muzeum night. What a pity as there was just the winner announcement. I'll kill myse...



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