fashion - 13:06

Jak nosit červené kalhoty

Pro jsem napsala článek na téma "trend červených kalhot", takže pokud uvítáte tipy, jak tenhle kousek nosit,  přečtěte s...

lifestyle - 19:00

Family meet-up

My mom was arranging a meet-up of about 50 people from family and friends circle for her bf to celebrate his birthday (he was born in Decemb...

outfits - 21:37

Natural nude

Hey! I spent yesterday at my bf's place preparing him for the exams, we had "tatarák" for the dinner so I got home very late a...

outfits - 21:26


Just a quick post from yesterday's lovely afternoon with my darling. Now heading to my mom's party with the family, friends and a ro...

outfits - 15:07

In the leopard dress

A lot of you were attracted by the leopard dress from the previous shopping post so I decided to wear them first. ( Facebook fans already s...

outfits - 20:31

Easy does it

I was really laughing when found this skirt in one of my old wardrobe. Last time I was wearing it  I was about 10 years old disquised as an ...

outfits - 20:05

Heart shape

Today I was wearing the dress I talked about that will perfectly match my nails! I was right, wasn't I?:) I feel quite healthy already j...

lifestyle - 20:00

Zebra @ Metlářský jarmark

I felt much better today so decided to attend the fair as we were planning. A lot of good food, candies, old friends and fun! I forgot the d...



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