outfits - 19:01

Shredded outfit

Last time I was wearing this shredded tee I heard some men around age 50 laughing at me and talking something about me flying through a fen...

outfits - 19:21

Wide leg

I was so happy to find out the wide legs are on trend again! I was actually saving one pair of jeans for this moment! Finally you can see th...

nails - 15:19

Matte nail polish

My mom is the Avon lady, she always comes to visit me with new products I totally didn't want.:D I am not actually a fan of Avon but thi...

outfits - 20:33

Funky denim

I have kinda free week so I'm trying to use it properly! I have been for a walk with my doggy, shopping a little bit and than skating fo...

shopping - 13:29

Some new stuff

As you wanted me to show you what I bought in the new thrift store in town where everything was for $1.50, here it is: Protože jste chtěli ...

outfits - 17:22

The elegant one

Yeah it was Sunday but I had some business stuff to do..:/ Chose this outfit just with another boots and hairstyle. I changed into my comfor...

outfits - 16:28

Pleated vintage

in the thrift store right before hard laughing:D v sekáči těsně před záchvatem smíchu:D I was planning not to think about another outf...

press - 18:55

Rozhovor na modniarena.cz

Thank you the modniarena.cz team for this interview! HERE  (czech only) Děkuji týmu z modniarena.cz za tento rozhovor!  TADY And I do h...



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