shopping - 18:07

Weekend shopping

I have been shopping on Saturday and also on Sunday so let me show you what I bought!;) You might think the sales are over but I dont think ...

outfits - 20:01

Touch of spring

I know it is not spring yet but a little preview never hurts! Of course I was freezing when I took the fur off but I spent most of the time ...

lifestyle - 19:01


I just got another package from Asos, I didn't even write a shopping post cause I couldn't wait wearing one of these two things. The...

fashion - 13:28

So stylish

Recently I have been contacted by a founder of inviting me to join the site. I checked what is going on and figured out...

outfits - 19:07

Red camel

Ooooh I totally forgot to publish this post! It is like a week ago that's why the nice weather, hahaha. So sorry, but here the post: Yo...

press - 1:40

Rozhovor na

You can read an interview with me HERE  or by clicking on the pic. Sorry, it is in Czech only and I am too lazy to translate it by myself. T...

shopping - 18:08

I've just got a package from  and totally love the stuff! I chose this jumpsuit  and got also a pair of tights! I'm so...

press - 20:36

February press

Feels like there is so much about me on the internet.:))) Adding the sources as I also want to support these who were interested in me! Při...



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