outfits - 20:10

My highest heels

Time to take out my new Asos heels that I showed you in the shopping post ! These are currently my highest - 6.2 inches. Although I have a p...

outfits - 19:48

Good mood

Hey guys! Today's post is kinda weird.. don't even look at it if you expect some of my common outfit posts, please!:D I was really i...

outfits - 14:35

My deer ring

I just realized I didn't show you my currently favourite ring! I'm having it for a while, wearing all the time but I don't show ...

shopping - 17:47

Asos haul

unpacking the package/ rozbalování balíčku Aawww just got my new babies from Asos! I have plenty of boots especially the ankle ones) bu...

outfits - 18:53

Owl barn

Recently I spotted this post  by a nice czech blogger Silvi  about a website for owl lovers. I am not really an owl lover but the website ...

fashion - 16:47

Shoe dilemma

Help anyone please!:( I cannot decide which pair of shoes to buy. This is a rare situation, I hardly ever have a shopping dilemma, and if so...

products - 22:26

Syoss shampoo

This was one of my Christmas presents! Honestly I had never believed this brand. I used to see it in a store but it was very cheap and says ...

lifestyle - 15:34

1st ball in 2011

First ball of this season was by my last school where I attended one-year daily English course. I was there with my boyfriend of course and ...

shopping - 4:05

Recent buys

Just a few other interesting stuff  I bought recently..:) Jen pár dalších zajímavých věcí co jsem nedávno koupila..:) got in a thrift st...



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