giveaway - 11:38

New Year's Romwe GIVEAWAY

CLOSED - UKONČENO In a cooperation with I'm opening another giveaway for you! There will be 3 winners of three pairs of...

outfits - 16:40

Rust tusk

Today is my last day at my hometown with my family doing nothing just eating and going thru my favourite thrift stores, haha. Believe me or ...

outfits - 19:18

Watch my wrist

I have never worn a wrist watch but I always wanted one. The problem always was that I didnt like any. But this Christmas I consider a watch...

outfits - 20:01

Good boy

There is just one thing to think about at this men's style outfit - if it looks better with or without the glasses.:) My boyfriend doesn...

products - 17:59

Ryor Aknestop roll-on recenze

Ráda bych se s vámi podělila o zkušenost s dalším - podle mne zázračným a nepostradatelným - produktem a tím je tahle tyčinka na akné od čes...

lifestyle - 14:30

Christmas random

I wasnt really in a Christmas mood this year but I liked to take some home Christmas pics that Im going to show you. Would you also like to ...

outfits - 22:43

Blue lace

It's pretty weird to dress like this in the middle of December but still I'd rather wear what I'm comfortable in than what is su...

outfits - 21:40

Burgundy coat

This coat was a buy! Not very warm, more like a trenchcoat but thanks to the color and price it was just irresistible! Wavy hair because of ...

outfits - 18:21

Shredded jumper

Im in my hometown for a weekend and couldnt forget to visit my favourite thrift stores. Mostly I bought hats. This one is one of them, brand...

outfits - 22:05

December sunnies

I always like to wear sunglasses in a coat during the winter and snowy weather. Today it wasnt snowy (or was it at your place?) but the brig...

outfits - 21:46


Thank you for all the opinions to the last post about the coat. I am still in a process of thinking... When I was ordering this coat (or doe...

fashion - 16:51

Boyfriend coat YES or NO

I got to like boyfriend style coats especially this one by Topshop. Ive seen it in the store and it looks even better! Im in love with the l...

outfits - 11:54

Maloja scarf

The hat from this shopping post again , I cut the stamp off, looks better to me now! The fox tail is by C&A, I bought it in sales for l...

fashion - 20:14

Christmas wishlist

I decided to share with you my Christmas wishlist. Some are just a dream pieces but I might expect a few of them to actually find under the ...

outfits - 21:14


Traditionally I go to Vienna before Christmas but this time, with moving to Prague, Dresden was closer so we went for a trip there. The city...

products - 20:31 mascara review

I would like to make a review for another item from the e-shop  - a mascara set. I own a nail polish from there and it ...

shopping - 21:42

4 new loves

I so wanted to post something tonight, took my camera and my computer with me to work and was going to finish a review post or outfit post, ...

outfits - 14:46

Red fedora

The red hat I bought on Friday accidentally matched one of the few pieces of clothes that I packed with me for the weekend - application on ...

outfits - 19:57


Finally in fitted skinny jeans that I've been looking for months. I bought them in a store that most of you wouldn't expect. Gate. 6...

shopping - 21:12


Ive already had a few thrifted pieces prepared for you to post but last weekend I visited my favourite stores in my hometown so now I am onl...

outfits - 14:07

Men's combo

Outfit a little bit in a men's style which I kinda like, just in a simple black-white combo and comfortable as much as possible. It was ...

giveaway - 13:47

Winners of cosmetics & Romwe

There were two giveaways going on this week so I'm announcing the winners of both of them at once: Tento týden zde probíhaly dvě giveaw...

fashion - 13:01

Showroom Sportkoncept

Přestože nejsem kdovíjaký lyžař, natož snowboardista, pozvání do Sportkoncept showroomu jsem mileráda přijala. Letos se na lyže chystám výj...

lifestyle - 20:45

All wine in Mr.A

Yesterday afternoon I was invited to Mr.A restaurant to eat and drink whatever I like just to be in a backgound for shooting a TV spot for M...

fashion - 22:14

Tally Weijl opening

Last week I attended an opening of brand new Tally Weijl store in Palladium shopping centre, Prague. The store has really grown up from the...

outfits - 21:08

Lovely peter pan

The lovely peter pan collar dress from this shopping post was out last week. I love how it looks but next time I would like to add some swe...

lifestyle - 21:09

Party glasses

For the first time I took my new glasses to a party. Amazing experience to see everything so clearly!:D I chose black-white combo and let th...

giveaway - 14:00

Romwe haute couture GIVEAWAY

CLOSED - UKONČENO For a great succes of last Romwe giveaway I am here with another Romwe sponsored one! There will be one lucky winner ...

shopping - 21:12

Shopping at

Today I would like to introduce you a e-shop which is an internet provider of eyeglasses for affordable prices....

outfits - 22:07

Mustard seed

I was looking forward to wearing the new mustard skirt so much and cannot imagine any better combination how to dress it up, but.. I am a l...

giveaway - 21:03


CLOSED - UKONČENO This time I'm hosting a giveaway for a cosmetic pack from . It includes: Maybelline Liquid Stay...

shopping - 19:37

New in - wallet

Who has the cutest and most original wallet (at least) in the Czech republic? ME! It is by Fluff as my last one (can be seen here ) and I b...

outfits - 17:10


I felt for a bottle green color too so this time I took the new tights from the shopping post here . More pics than usual here as I wanted t...

shopping - 16:10

New from Romwe

A new package from just arrived! I am absolutelly ethusiastic about all the stuff so must show you! Everything is for the fal...

lifestyle - 17:25

Wine spots

Yep, burgundy color is on trend this season and I love this one very much! On Sunday Zoo trip I took the new Lindex tights, added a headband...

giveaway - 19:58

Romwe & VJ-Style GIVEAWAY winners

Romwe giveaway winners of $80 are: Výhercem Romwe giveaway o 80 dolarů se stává:

outfits - 19:39

Hatted waisted

My mom always reminds me that it was me of all the people in our town who was the first one wearing winter clothes at the beggining of autum...

lifestyle - 21:02

Beige tone

Today I'm bringing you the pics that should be published after the interview with me at so they are pretty old but I r...

lifestyle - 21:18

Halloween special

I know Halloween is not celbrated in the Czech republic (yet) but I take any opportunity to have a costume party and some fun! So me and my ...

outfits - 17:25

Maxi fur

Just an outfit before the Halloween post that I gave you a Formspring sneak peek for.:) I got the mood for this skirt about an hour after u...

outfits - 20:45

Gray, black, tabby

Pics from today, wearing my favourite cat hat, making laugh when some little boys though I was Batman.:D And having fun in the shoppin centr...

lifestyle - 23:48

Opera out

Me and my bf just got back from The Romantic Concert by Candel Light I got 2 free tickets for. And it was magnificant! I have never attended...



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