outfits - 21:46


Thank you for all the opinions to the last post about the coat. I am still in a process of thinking... When I was ordering this coat (or doe...

fashion - 16:51

Boyfriend coat YES or NO

I got to like boyfriend style coats especially this one by Topshop. Ive seen it in the store and it looks even better! Im in love with the l...

fashion - 20:14

Christmas wishlist

I decided to share with you my Christmas wishlist. Some are just a dream pieces but I might expect a few of them to actually find under the ...

shopping - 21:42

4 new loves

I so wanted to post something tonight, took my camera and my computer with me to work and was going to finish a review post or outfit post, ...

lifestyle - 20:45

All wine in Mr.A

Yesterday afternoon I was invited to Mr.A restaurant to eat and drink whatever I like just to be in a backgound for shooting a TV spot for M...

fashion - 22:14

Tally Weijl opening

Last week I attended an opening of brand new Tally Weijl store in Palladium shopping centre, Prague. The store has really grown up from the...

outfits - 21:08

Lovely peter pan

The lovely peter pan collar dress from this shopping post was out last week. I love how it looks but next time I would like to add some swe...

lifestyle - 21:09

Party glasses

For the first time I took my new glasses to a party. Amazing experience to see everything so clearly!:D I chose black-white combo and let th...

outfits - 22:07

Mustard seed

I was looking forward to wearing the new mustard skirt so much and cannot imagine any better combination how to dress it up, but.. I am a l...

shopping - 19:37

New in - wallet

Who has the cutest and most original wallet (at least) in the Czech republic? ME! It is by Fluff as my last one (can be seen here ) and I b...

outfits - 17:10


I felt for a bottle green color too so this time I took the new tights from the shopping post here . More pics than usual here as I wanted t...

shopping - 16:10

New from Romwe

A new package from www.romwe.com just arrived! I am absolutelly ethusiastic about all the stuff so must show you! Everything is for the fal...

lifestyle - 21:02

Beige tone

Today I'm bringing you the pics that should be published after the interview with me at www.luxurymag.cz so they are pretty old but I r...

lifestyle - 21:18

Halloween special

I know Halloween is not celbrated in the Czech republic (yet) but I take any opportunity to have a costume party and some fun! So me and my ...

nails - 21:34

Nude orange nails

When I saw this lovely light maracuja orange nude nail polish I knew I must have it! And do you know what was the best about it? It was comp...

fashion - 14:48

Mike Zachevar & Kateřina Průšová photoshooting

On Sunday I had the opportunity to take part of a professional photoshooting of Mike Zachevar's new collection. This time his model was ...

press - 16:52


Thanks so much to GASTONJ  from Philippines for this beautiful portrait of me. I had no idea he was working on this and today I randomly fou...

nails - 17:01

Hair nails:D by cracking polish

As my nails are growing very quickly these days and I have them covered by gel, it is kinda visible, I decided to buy the cracking nail poli...

fashion - 12:18

Jak nosit maxi sukně

My article about "how to wear a maxi skirts" was published on a czech website salon.cz . Od Katy  jsem dostala žádost napsat čl...

outfits - 20:20


Some pics from a lovely weekend day! I decided to tire my poor chihuahua properly, he's been putting on weight after the long winter!...

outfits - 19:01

Shredded outfit

Last time I was wearing this shredded tee I heard some men around age 50 laughing at me and talking something about me flying through a fen...

outfits - 20:07

Country girl

What a beautiful weather today! I wore my new dress which I bought in summer but they were a bit big for me so my friend and tailor in one ...

shopping - 20:43


and a small preview of my favourite stuff I took home on Monday. There were 25 pieces in total! Clothes in pics are not ironed, just didn...



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