outfits - 19:14

Roses on the skirt

Just got a new skirt bought on eBay and must say all over: "what the hell i was thinking?" it is damn too small for me! I asked t...

lifestyle - 17:08

Hot news

Here again just to tell you what new is going on in my life and what I recently liked.:) And I hope it will inspire some of you! Tak jsem ...

outfits - 16:32

Parka time

So freezing again!:/ Definitelly time to wear my new parka. I found it in a thrift store looking kinda boring hanging there but very similar...

outfits - 16:26

Snow flake

Today we had a family meeting as every year on 26th. Wanna show you my outfit - simple and comfy again,..not very warm but I spent not more...

lifestyle - 17:06

Santa's little helper

That is the name of my Christmas costume from which I used the hat today, I will not show you the whole costume though.;D It is just for s...



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